A new study from Dr. Frank Mitloehner’s lab at UC Davis looks at reducing enteric methane using essential oils

Aug 10, 2021

Could Agolin be a tool to fight climate change in dairy cattle?

Whether or not you subscribe to the ability of essential oils to ease your stress, lighten your mood or give you a feeling of calm, it’s worth taking a look at how some of them are being used as feed additives that reduce greenhouse gas emissions of cattle. A team at University of California, Davis, under the leadership of Frank Mitloehner, Ph.D., published a paper in October 2020, studying Agolin® Ruminant (AGO) and its ability to do just that. The Mitloehner Lab found an 11 percent reduction in methane intensity.

“One thing we’re focusing on in this lab is to quantify greenhouse gases from cattle – the amount of methane they belch for example, how much comes from manure – and most importantly mitigate those gases. That’s what we’re known for,” Mitloehner said. “These essential oils had quite an impact on reducing enteric methane.” […]

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