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Faits marquants de Agolin

Climate program: an important step has been accomplished

Mooh (Switzerland) - An important milestone has been reached in Mooh's climate program with the successful registration of the project with Verra, a world leader in climate protection and sustainability standards. "We are proud to be the first and currently the only...

Fenaco launches CO2 certificates for climate protection in dairy cows.

The validation of the UFA Swiss Climate Feed climate protection programme for dairy cows has been successfully completed. This means that CO2 certificates for the newly launched methane-inhibiting mineral feed of the Fenaco subsidiary UFA can be offered from autumn...

Farmers benefit from Mooh’s climate programme

The “Mooh” cooperative is launching its new climate programme in early 2022. Methane emissions from cows are reduced by means of a feed additive (Agolin). The producer is compensated for this climate contribution. 100 francs for a tonne of CO2 – The feed additive...

Starbucks journey to sustainable dairy

In 2021 begins work with Agolin in the U.S. to source milk from cows fed Agolin Ruminant, a plant-based feed additive certified by the Carbon Trust to improve feed efficiency and reduce enteric methane, ultimately reducing dairy’s carbon footprint while also helping...

FrieslandCampina as a partner is a very conscious choice

The member dairy farmers of FrieslandCampina, feed additives producer Agolin and feed supplier Agrifirm together started a pilot to explore new ways of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in 2020. Dairy produced in good balance with nature and climate: FrieslandCampina...

A new study from Dr. Frank Mitloehner’s lab at UC Davis looks at reducing enteric methane using essential oils

"Could Agolin be a tool to fight climate change in dairy cattle?" Whether or not you subscribe to the ability of essential oils to ease your stress, lighten your mood or give you a feeling of calm, it’s worth taking a look at how some of them are being used as feed...

In collaboration with Gold Standard and Agolin, Barry Callebaut has developed a new methodology to quantify and certify CO2 insetting for dairy within our chocolate supply chain.

"I am very pleased that we have been able to develop a methodology with Gold Standard and Agolin to credibly quantify and certify CO2 reductions. This closes an important gap and provides a great basis for us to scale up this work with our partners."  – Oliver von...

Fenaco: Futter für Milchkühe mit zertifizierter Methanreduktion ohne Zusatzkosten für Landwirte

"Mit dem Zusatzstoff Agolin sollen Milchkühe 10 bis 20 Prozent weniger Methan ausstossen. Ein Mineralfuttermittel von Ufa damit wird laut Fenaco dank dem Handel mit CO2-Zertifikaten ohne Zusatzkosten verkauft." Read the full article

Barry Callebaut misst die Reduktion von Treibhausgasen in der Milchwirtschaft – Barry Callebaut-Aktie in Grün

"Der Schokoladenproduzent Barry Callebaut hat zusammen mit Partnern eine Methode zur Messung der Reduktion der Treibhausgas-Emissionen bei Milchkühen entwickelt. " Read the full article

New collaboration to establish low carbon milk

"Agolin SA, a Swiss based company which develops and markets feed additives, has joined forces with global chocolate producer Barry Callebaut and Gold Standard (GS), a leading carbon reduction project development provider, to establish a way in which dairy producers...

FrieslandCampina en tant que partenaire est un choix très consciencieux:

Une nouvelle étude du laboratoire du Dr Frank Mitloehner à l’université de Davis (Californie) porte sur la réduction du méthane entérique à l’aide d’huiles essentielles:

REUTERS “De l’éructation au hamburger: les entreprises agroalimentaires se battent contre les émissions du bétail qui réchauffent le climat.”

Peter Williams, de Feedworks USA, sur “Dairy Radio Now” pour en apprendre davantage sur Agolin Ruminant, dont la recherche a été prouvée.