Impact of essential oils on methane emissions, milk yield, and feed efficiency and resulting influence on the carbon footprint of dairy production systems

Mar 7, 2023

Franziska Becker, Katrin Spengler, Frank Reinicke, Clara Heider van Diepen

The main objective of the present work was to analyze the impact of changing different factors in the carbon footprint calculation of milk. Considering the results of a meta-analysis by Belanche et al. (2020a, b), enteric methane emissions per day (− 8.8%), ECM performance (+ 4.1%), and feed efficiency were changed by + 4.4% using the essential
oil blend Agolin Ruminant. The results of the current study showed that there is a positive effect of Agolin Ruminant on the carbon footprint of milk (kg CO2eq/year) in relation to the amount of ECM produced (kg CO2eq/kg ECM) of 10%.


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