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AGOLIN NATURMO, AGOLIN NATURU and AGOLIN NATURAX are the main products for organic feeding. The products are also based on plant active ingredients and were tested and introduced successfully in Germany and France. The raw materials and the dedicated, new production facilities comply with the current regulation on organic products (EC 834/2007).

AGOLIN NATURMO is designed for monogastric animals (calves, pigs and poultry).

AGOLIN NATURU is designed for ruminants (dairy cows, beef cattle, sheep and goats).

AGOLIN NATURAX helps to optimise feed intake, digestive functions and has antioxidative effects.

Interested in more information about AGOLIN NATURMO / AGOLIN NATURU / AGO-LIN NATURAX or testing the products? Please contact us.

Since 2010, AGOLIN SA is certified as producer of organic premixtures.

BIO-Certificate (pdf enclosed)
NOP-Certificate (pdf enclosed)