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   Who We Are

Founded in 2006, AGOLIN SA develops, produces and markets innovative feed additives, based on botanical compounds, which are effective, innovative, easy to use and safe.

The best-in-class products are successfully introduced in Europe, Asia and the US. Agolin's quality management system (FAMI-QS) ensures safety and guarantees traceability.

AGOLIN SA is member of FEFANA, the Association of European feed additives and premixtures operators.


Innovation and product quality is an essential part of AGOLIN's success. Using the company's extensive scientific network and know-how on plant active ingredients, a new product generation helping to optimize feed intake and gut health prevention for livestock animals was developed.

AGOLIN SA has long experience in active compounds, helping to optimize digestive functions of monogastric and ruminant animals. Agolin first took part in an EU research project in 2010, SMEthane (FP7), a technological platform developing nutritional additives to reduce methane.

SMEthane research confirmed AGOLIN's efficacy to reduce methane. Under the conditions of the assay carried out by INRA in France, AGOLIN RUMINANT significantly reduced the enteric methane production in dairy cows.

The latest R&D project with Agolin SA as a main partner is called RuMeClean. It's sponsored by the Climate Knowhow and Innovation Community (Climate KIC), which is part of the Europen Institute of Technology (EIT). The aim of the project is to ensure the adoption of feed additives with proven potential to reduce methane emissions from ruminants. RuMeClean project is looking to unlock the vast - and currently untapped - potential for methane reduction from enteric fermentation in livestock which is responsible for 9% to 18% of global methane emissions.


It is AGOLIN's goal to develop and market innovative and valuable additives, which are in line with the industry's driving forces and needs.

  • High quality and natural raw material.

  • Comply with all EU, US and Japanese regulations.

  • Convincing and innovative product concept incl. best-in-class efficacy and optimal feed intake.

  • Personal integrity and flexibility to fulfill the customer's specific demands.


Agolin's products are produced in its modern plant in Bière (Switzerland). Its facilities comply with all Swiss and EU regulations.

Agolin is committed to the highest quality requirements. Our customers can rely on our strict quality control criteria and quality assurance.

AGOLIN's approval number for production and placing on the market of feed additives and premixes is the following: α-CH12657 (see approval and registration).

   Quality Assurance

Agolin's quality management system, based on the code of practice for additive and premixture operators, responds to the EU Regulations laying down requirements for feed hygiene and the application of HACCP principles.

The company's QS ensures product safety, the operation of businesses in accordance with European feed hygiene requirements and improved traceability.

Please consult the FAMI-QS web-page to learn more about this code of practice or contact Agolin for more specific quality assurance information.

(Fami-QS Certificate)


AGOLIN SA is proud to be an affiliate partner of Climate-KIC Switzerland. Climate-KIC is one of three Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) created in 2010 by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).

The EIT is an EU body whose mission is to create sustainable growth. Agolin supports this mission in the field of animal nutrition by addressing climate change mitigation and efficient use of feed resources. For more information, visit

   Meet Our Team

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Managing Director


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Technical Director


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Commercial Director


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Indoor Sales


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